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Karma and The Sacred Pause

Episode Summary

In a fast-paced world full of distractions and the constant pressure to achieve, produce, and consume, we need accessible practices that help us become more centered - more in touch with ourselves and others. Rather than withdrawing from the world, we can learn how to use the art of the Sacred Pause to awaken loving-kindness in a world that often feels unkind, accept uncertainty in a world full of unknowns, and enjoy our lives more fully and more peacefully even when it feels like things are falling apart. In this episode I explore a new way of thinking about Karma and the Sacred Pause as an introduction to a more centered way of life and service in the world.

Episode Notes

What would it take to feel renewed every day? To not feel the FOMO, frenzy, and the overwhelming 'always-behind-the-eight-ball' feeling of modern life? Instead of waiting all year for a vacation to smooth out the bumps and tensions in life, instead of waiting until Friday night to shed  our weariness, what if we could take time out every day? Live a renewed life every day? Be refreshed, reinvigorated and re-inspired every day? 

The energy, new perspective, creativity and overall sense of harmony and well-being that results from a sacred pause is life changing - not just for ourselves but for those we love and care for. Sacred pauses teach us the true law of Karma - we create the world we want not from what we wish but from who we are. 

In this episode I share with you a reading from my personal library, Welcoming the Unwelcome: Wholehearted Living In A Broken Hearted World by Pema Chödrön, American-born Buddhist nun, beloved wisdom teacher and author of over twenty books.  

Book description:

In her first new book of spiritual teachings in over seven years, Pema Chödrön offers fresh wisdom, heartfelt reflections, and the signature humor and insight that have made her a beloved guide during turbulent times. In an increasingly polarized world, Pema offers us tools to find common ground, even when we disagree, so we can build a stronger and broader sense of community. Sharing never-before-told personal stories from her remarkable life, simple and powerful every day practices, and directly relatable advice, Pema leads the way in showing us how to become triumphant boddihsattvas - compassionate beings - even in the midst of the most difficult [times] and circumstances. 

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